Hear for You Film Festival theme announced

Hearing Australia joined friends Hear for You to make a very special announcement: the theme for the 2018 Hear for You Film Festival.

Hearing Australian is the sponsor of the Film Festival, which gives any deaf or hard of hearing secondary students the opportunity to script, shoot and edit a film and enter the competition.  

And the theme is…
The 2018 Hear for You Film Festival’s theme is (drum roll) Love @ …
Hearing loss hasn’t been a barrier for young people discovering a new sport, relationship, art, career and many other life milestones. For this year’s film festival, the budding filmmakers are being asked to focus on their passions by incorporating love @ … into their story.

Who are Hear for You
Life’s not easy when you’re a teenager – and if you’re deaf or hard of hearing, it can be even trickier. Hear for You was set up to make the bumpy teenage ride a little smoother.

Hear For You’s programs and workshops are the core of what they’re all about. What’s important to know is that they’re all focused on the same thing: giving deaf teenagers support, guidance and the chance to meet some people who actually ‘get’ what they’re going through. Most of the deaf and hard of hearing teenagers Hear for You mentor and support, have also been supported by Hearing Australia since they were babies or young children.

Want more information?
For more details on the Film Festival, including how to enrol in the Hear for You filmmaking workshops, click here.
For more information about hearing aids and services for children, contact us.