Latest hearing services and technology available at the new Hearing Australia Watergardens centre

Hearing Australia has opened a new centre in the Watergardens Shopping Centre to help the Taylors Lakes community stay connected to loved ones and the world around them. The Hearing Australia team offer a range of services*, including specialised paediatric hearing services, and the centre features custom built, state-of-the-art technology and professional consulting rooms.

Hearing Australia Watergardens Centre Manager, Mark Bhattacharyya says, "Our new location at Watergardens is convenient for the local community, including free parking, to make it easy for clients to come and visit us. We provide a range of services to help local residents manage their hearing health, including hearing assessments, counselling, and the latest in hearing technology and hearing aid fittings."

"We take every precaution at our centres to make sure our clients and our team members stay safe. We’re maintaining our strict hygiene protocols and ensuring social distancing is in place. If you’re unable to pop in, we can also help you via online services and tele-care," says Mark.

"We have a dedicated team of highly experienced and multilingual staff, including Greek and Italian speakers. The team consists of the Watergardens clinical team of Audiologists with Tania Gusman, Natasha Kavouras and Adrian Failla, supported by our Customer Service Officers, Diana Calleja and Josie Czapor. We’re delighted to open our doors and welcome the Taylors Lakes community into their local Hearing Australia Centre."

Residents are delighted about the new centre. According to Hearing Australia client Vittorio Salson, "Hearing Australia offers a great service, which is now more accessible to the community now they’re situated in the Watergardens Shopping Centre."

"Now, more than ever, good hearing health is essential for communication, learning and working," says Kim Terrell, Managing Director of Hearing Australia. "We know how important hearing is to the health and welfare of our clients, and how much they value being able to get help from us across Australia. Watergardens is one of over 500 Hearing Australia locations around the nation. We’ve listened to our clients and have made it even easier for them to get the information and support they need."

Numerous studies indicate the importance and benefits of maintaining good hearing health throughout your life. For children, the earlier a child with hearing loss can be fitted with a hearing aid or cochlear implant, the better the outcome1.

For adults, good hearing plays a significant role in helping people stay active, happy and involved in the world around them. Researchers across the world are becoming increasingly aware of how critical being able to hear and communicate is to both the physical and mental wellbeing of a person2.

Mark explains how easy it is now for the Taylors Lakes community to get hearing help. "Anyone who is worried about their hearing or the hearing of a loved one, can call us or visit our website to make an appointment. Our Hearing Australia centres are designed to create an open, supportive and welcoming space. This makes it easier for our clients to engage with the latest in hearing technology and interact with our professional staff to get the help they need."

Hearing Australia Watergardens is located at Shop 24A Watergardens Town Centre, 399 Melton Highway, Taylors Lakes, Victoria. If you’re interested in booking a free** hearing check, or if you’d like to chat to the friendly Hearing Australia team about your hearing health, please call 03 7378 7800 or visit


Media enquiries:
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Hearing Australia
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1. Robert S. C. Cowan, Brent Edwards & Teresa Y. C. Ching (2018) Longitudinal outcomes of children with hearing impairment (LOCHI): 5-year data, International Journal of Audiology,57:sup2, S1- Hearing Australia.
2. Social Engagement and Hearing Loss, by Lena Kauffman. Published and written by The Hearing Review.
*Conditions apply under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program.
**Only 15-minute hearing checks are free. Other services may attract charges/fees or may be subsidised for those eligible under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program. A hearing check is a screening that helps identify people that may have hearing loss.
About Hearing Australia
For over 70 years, Hearing Australia has been helping Australians rediscover the joy of sound. Its purpose is to provide world leading research and hearing services for the wellbeing of all Australians. Hearing Australia operates in 168 permanent hearing centres as well as visiting sites across Australia and is the nation’s largest provider of government-funded hearing services for children, young adults up to 26, eligible adults with complex communication needs, some Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, pensioners and veterans.