TV's Lynne McGranger Stars in New Fitness Video

Home & Away actor Lynne McGranger, who became an official ‘senior’ in January, calls on older Aussies to combine hearing health with their physical fitness regime

SYDNEY, 25 February, 2018 - To launch Hearing Awareness Week, Hearing Australia has teamed up with Home & Away star Lynne McGranger for a new video that calls on older Aussies to embrace their hearing health as an extension of their fitness regime.  
The instructional video, which combines fitness with some of the everyday frustrations experienced by those with hearing difficulties, is designed to act as trigger to older Australians who might be experiencing the first signs of hearing loss. 
Research shows today’s older Australians are generally healthier and more active than their peers 25 years ago*. However, maintaining hearing fitness isn’t a priority, with people waiting an average of seven years to take a hearing check**. 
Commenting on her new role, Lynne said, “I might have just turned 65, but I’m fitter than ever!  I love the idea of getting involved in this campaign because, like so many of my friends, we are committed to our Pilates and other fitness goals, but hearing definitely takes a back seat.”
“I’ve also experienced the impact of hearing issues first hand, with my daughter noticing me struggling to hear when we’re in a crowded restaurant or shopping centre,” Lynne added.
Hearing Australia, as the country’s largest provider of government-funded hearing services, is on a mission to make good hearing a priority for healthy living by encouraging people to incorporate regular hearing checks in their general health check-ups. To mark Hearing Awareness Week, Hearing Australia is calling on adults to visit one of over 600 locations across Australia for a 15-minute hearing check.
Janette Thorburn, Audiologist at Hearing Australian said, “The sooner you can address hearing loss the better. We often find people are reluctant to get their hearing checked but will prioritise other health issues. If people consider a hearing check as part of their regular good health regime, like attending a fitness class, testing their blood pressure or getting their eyes checked, the better the outcome will be for them.”
If people have any concerns about their hearing or a loved one's hearing, they can get in touch with Hearing Australia today on 131 797 or contact us.

*Research shows that older Australians are generally healthier and more active than their peers 25 years ago: Flinders University in Adelaide (2017)  
**Australians wait on average seven years to get their hearing checked.  Acceptability, benefit and costs of early screening for hearing disability (2007): a study of potential screening tests and models.  Davis A1Smith PFerguson MStephens DGianopoulos I,