Hearing Australia supports Auslan and the Deaf community

At Hearing Australia, we believe that every Deaf and hearing impaired child has a right to communicate effectively and live life to the fullest, and that there are many paths a child can take to achieving this goal. 
Our approach to supporting children and families is based on international research and best practice guidelines.
Our paediatric audiologists complete extensive training which includes information on Deaf culture. Early intervention agencies, including organisations that provide Auslan as a communication option, also provide presentations at their training courses. 
Our standard for services to children require our audiologists to provide families with:

  • Information about the wide range of early intervention options available to support their child.

  • Details about all available communication options, including Auslan.

We encourage families to investigate these options with specialist early intervention agencies and refer them to parent mentors when available, if this is of interest to the family. We also direct families to articles like this one, on this website. 
In addition, Hearing Australia provide Auslan interpreters for their clients and actively support the Deaf community, including sponsoring events.
Hearing Australia welcomes suggestions for improving our services. Please contact us at enquiry@hearing.com.au.
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