Specialist Hearing Services - Complex Communication Needs

We’re the sole provider of services for adults with complex communication needs. This includes adults with severe or profound hearing loss, significant visual impairment in addition to hearing loss and other disabilities that heighten communication difficulty.

What is covered?

The government provides funding exclusively to Hearing Australia to provide additional assistance to clients with complex communications needs. Products and services for these clients are provided at no charge and include the following:

  • comprehensive assessment of hearing and communications needs
  • specialist advice on making the most of hearing ability
  • a personalised program to improve listening and communication in daily life
  • access to higher level technology
  • devices in addition to hearing aids
  • ongoing program of services and support

Who provides these services?

Hearing Australia's specialist audiologists provide these services. Our specialist audiologists have undertaken extensive training and have experience in complex rehibilitation audiology. 

Next steps

To access Specialist Hearing Services at Hearing Australia, contact us to discuss with one of our friendly, professional team members.

*Conditions apply to clients under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program.