Blow Breathe Cough

Australian Hearing and Menzies School of Health Research have collaborated to create an animated version of this classroom favourite: the Blow Breathe Cough activity.


Blow Breathe Cough helps early childhood educators teach young children about nose blowing, coughing into elbows and hand and face washing and drying, essential for controlling the spread of the germs that may cause ear trouble, coughs and colds. 

The short animation, created by Oliver Abbott animation, is available in nine languages including Kimberley Kriol, Martu, Ngaanyatjara, Eastern Arrernte, Warlpiri and Aboriginal English.
The activities focussed on in this version of the animation are based on evidence or are considered to be good practice. This includes blowing your nose until empty, washing hands and faces, drying hands fully with a paper towel, and coughing into elbows. 
Teachers who do this daily with their classes feel it results in improved hearing, less runny noses and ears, fewer coughs and colds, as well as more attentive classroom behaviours. Importantly, it was also felt to result in young children improving their ability to blow their noses independently and effectively.
Feedback from teachers, early childhood workers, families and colleagues all contributed to the development of the animation. We hope you and your students love it!
You can check out the animation on our Australian Hearing YouTube.