Bingo! Alma hears the number caller

Hearing loss is a part of the natural ageing process and, generally, it occurs gradually. As a result, it is often family and friends who are the first to notice the difference. This was the case for Alma McIlwain of Kempsey in NSW.

Alma's family encouraged her to visit Australian Hearing after they noticed she couldn’t hear them properly.

“The TV used to be turned up loud and it was hard for Mum to follow conversations in groups,” daughter Keron said. “All that changed when Mum received help with her hearing. It is so much better now.”

Alma has greatly benefitted from using a remote control with her hearing aids. The remote control makes it easy for Alma to adjust her aids in different situations, like socialising with friends on a Friday at the local club or at family get-togethers.

A regular bingo player, Alma is now able to clearly hear the numbers being called. It also allows her to connect wirelessly with the TV (and other Bluetooth devices like a mobile phone), delivering the sound directly to her ears.

The hearing aids and the remote control have improved my ability to participate in family events and I can clearly hear the TV without turning the volume up, Alma said.

Alma also enjoys peace of mind knowing she won’t miss visitors with her amplified door chime and will be alerted in an emergency with her specialised smoke alarm.

Australian Hearing is the leading provider of hearing loss support services and devices. For more information on hearing loss, we’re always happy to chat.