New hearing aids make it easier for John to relax

John Lindley has used several different types of hearing aids over the past 10 years. Thanks to advances in technology, he can hear better than ever.

Recently, John upgraded to the latest devices in his local Australian Hearing centre in Chatswood, NSW.

Prior this, John struggled to hear in some situations and noticed the difference instantly.

These latest hearing aids have improved my hearing, especially listening to TV and listening to my children and wife, he says.

“[Hearing] gives you a better standard of living, especially from a communication point of view. If your children get to the point where you can’t understand what they’ve said the first time, they can’t be bothered repeating it.”

Taking back control

In addition to the hearing aids, John also uses a remote control, which means he can link his aids directly to the TV and other devices such as mobile phones via Bluetooth. The hearing I get using this device is 100 per cent. I can hear everything that’s said. Bluetooth integrated into the hearing aids is one of the major advancements, he says.

This allowed John to rekindle an experience he really enjoys, kicking back and listening to music. The fact that you can use it, listen comfortably and adjust the volume makes it so much easier to sit there and relax, he says.

Worth the adjustment

John points out, however, that new hearing aids can take some time to get used to and this might require patience. 

The adjustment is very subtle, he says.

You can’t say all of a sudden, ‘I can hear better’. I think the brain compensates, but it’s a slow process. I can hear a lot better than I could three months ago.

He also likes the fact that the hearing aids are discreet, too.

In general, hearing aids are things you get used to, to the point where you don’t even notice you’ve got them. The average person doesn’t notice you’ve got a hearing aid, says John.

He does have one word of advice, however.

I think the only thing you’ve got to be careful of is when you’re shaving not to cut the cable that’s going to your ear, he cautions.

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