Why retired teacher Jack is hearing with greater clarity

Towards the end of his career, former teacher and senior education administrator Jack Baseley just put up with his hearing loss. Like many people with hearing loss, it took a while before he did anything about it. It wasn’t until retirement that he decided to finally act.

At first, the effort Jack required to deal with his hearing loss was minimal. He got used to adjusting where he sat in meetings or paying closer attention to the speaker in conversations. But eventually he decided that putting up with it was no longer an option and he booked an appointment with an audiologist.

The right tools for the job

Six years after getting fitted with hearing aids, Jack was making the most of retirement. He was heavily involved in volunteer work, including teaching bridge through the University of the Third Age and leading tours for the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust. But there was still one problem. Working in some of these noisy environments, he experienced difficulties hearing voices clearly with his current hearing aids. This time, he didn’t just make-do.

Jack spoke to his audiologist about his concerns. They suggested using a different hearing aid technology, Binax. These allow people with a hearing loss to hear better in noisy environments. In fact, in studies of the hearing aid in noisy environments like a cocktail party, the participants using them recalled more of the conversation than people without hearing loss.

A new lease of life

For Jack, the new aids had an immediate impact. I’m hearing sounds with much greater clarity, he says.

They are much more effective in cutting out background noise. I’m finding it far less disturbing and I’m not missing out on things as much.

The hearing aids allow Jack to adjust the settings, so he can focus on a particular sound or speaker, ‘beaming in’ on what he wants to hear.

It’s silenced the noise around me very effectively. When leading a tour for example, I’ve found it a lot easier if I’m taking questions. I’m hearing people with far greater precision.

For Jack, just making do is a thing of the past.

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