Young artist refuses to let hearing loss get in the way

Tayla Percy was diagnosed with a hearing loss at birth and has been wearing hearing aids from a very young age.

Having a significant hearing loss presents many challenges and can be very stressful, but the way Tayla has accepted her hearing loss and copes with it on a day-to-day basis is inspiring. We are so very proud of her, says Tayla’s mum, Wendy.

Passionate about art and music, it’s no wonder Tayla continues to make her mum proud. The foyer of the Tayla’s school is regularly adorned with her artwork and she was a finalist in her school art show. Tayla also plays the drums, loves to cook with her mum, attends her local church and enjoys youth group on Friday nights with her friends.

“I think she has done amazingly considering her significant hearing loss. This is more than I could have ever hoped or dreamed of when we got that first diagnosis,” Wendy says.

Tayla is cared for by Australian Hearing and wears two hearing aids. She uses an FM system to help her hear better at school where there is often background noise and the need to listen from a distance. Australian Hearing also visits and supports Tayla’s school.

We have been truly blessed by the level of support and the resources here in Australia," Wendy says.

Australian Hearing is the leading provider of hearing loss support services and devices. For more information on hearing loss for children we’re happy to chat.