Why you can stop worrying about getting a hearing aid

More than half of Australians over 50 will put up with poor hearing, even if it means missing out on social situations or misunderstanding important instructions.

Sometimes people will hearing loss are embarrassed about wearing hearing aids in public and scared of looking old in front of their friends and family.

Unfortunately, we know that when people wait to act, they adapt to a lower quality of life by modifying their behaviour. This includes going out less and avoiding activities and groups. But if you’re missing out on the things you enjoy because you’re concerned about drawing attention with a hearing aid, you no longer need worry.

Modern hearing aids

Many modern behind-the-ear hearing aids are so small that they’re barely noticeable. They are tiny and hidden, or automatic so you just pop them on and forget about them. Some come in a range of natural hair colours and skin tones to further blend in. In-the-ear devices are also unobtrusive, so odds are you’ll be the only one who knows you’re wearing one.

Other hearing devices

Everyone’s hearing is different, and perhaps you don’t need a hearing aid at all. Depending on your level of hearing loss, you might benefit from devices that improve volume and amplification. For example, wireless TV headsets mean you don’t need to increase the TV volume to levels that are uncomfortable for your loved ones. Amplified telephones can help you hear better while making a call.

A personalised solution

Whatever solution you choose, it’s important that it suits your needs. Speak with an audiologist about your concerns. Just like getting glasses or medication, they can fit you with a hearing aid ‘prescription’ to give you the most comfortable, effective and discreet option.

Don’t wait to do something about your hearing. Get in touch with us today or take a free online hearing test