3 devices to help you live independently

When you have a hearing loss, wearing hearing aids will help them manage most day-to-day activities. But if they live alone, a few additional devices will bring you peace of mind. 


Specialised smoke alarms 

These have a standard alarm sound but also include a vibrating pad that can be placed under a pillow, and a flashing light to keep on the bedside table. If your parent takes their hearing aids out at night to sleep, you can rest easy knowing that they’ll still be alerted in an emergency. 

Portable doorbells

Missing out on visits can severly impact your social life making you feel isolated. Ringing a doorbell and getting no answer may cause unnecessary alarm if you expect them to be at home. There are a range of doorbells designed for people with a hearing loss, with features such as a louder than usual ringtone and a flashing receiver they can carry with them. Some models also offer phone alerts, so they’ll receive a notification on their smartphone when someone rings the bell.

Vibrating alarm clocks 

The ability to live independently isn’t just about safety, but ensuring both you and they feel confident that they’re self-reliant. Like the doorbells, alarm clocks are available with a range of features to make sure they don’t miss a thing. This includes an extra-loud alarm, vibrating shaker that rests under your pillow and flashing strobe lights to make sure they don’t miss appointments, outings or any daily activities.

A hearing loss doesn’t mean the loss of independence. With the right equipment, your parents can handle everything from day-to-day activities to an emergency.

For more information about any of these devices contact us or visit an Australian Hearing centre to chat with an expert audiologist about the best options for you.