Get the most out of your hearing aid batteries

Your hearing aid’s battery life depends upon how long you wear the aid each day, how powerful it is and whether you use other accessories with it.

Hearing aid batteries generally last about seven days, however their lifecycle can be as short as two or as long as 10 days.
Your hearing specialist can advise you what to expect. If you’re keen to extend the life of your new hearing aid batteries, you’ll be pleased to hear there’s plenty you can do.

Leave the tab on

Your new hearing aid batteries should come with a plastic tab. Once the tab is removed, the zinc in the battery interacts with the oxygen in the air which is what makes the battery active. Only when you are ready to use the battery should you remove the tab. Then let the battery sit for one minute to power up before inserting it into the hearing aid battery compartment.

Keep clean

Grease and dirt can damage both your batteries and hearing aids and shorten their lifespan. Ensure your hands are clean and dry before handling batteries.

Store at room temperature

There are many myths around storing batteries in the fridge to extend their life. These are false. To get the best out of your batteries, always store at room temperature.

Keep moisture out

Moisture can damage both your hearing aid and its batteries. When not in use, for example overnight, open the door to the battery compartment to allow moisture to escape and keep the batteries dry. Never store your hearing aids or batteries in damp places such as bathrooms.

Turn off your hearing aid when not in use

Sounds obvious, but it’s something many people neglect. If you leave your hearing aid switched on when you’re not using it, you will waste battery power. Make a habit of always switching off your hearing aids as soon as you remove them.

Keep track

Keep track of how long your hearing aid batteries last.  If they run out more quickly than usual it could be a sign that your hearing aid needs repair, so if you notice this is happening check with your local hearing centre.

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