Make sure your child is summertime ready

Balmy nights and beach days – summer is upon us! Follow these hearing tips this summer to ensure your child is ready for summer:

Be beach ready

Don’t skip the sunscreen. When applying sunscreen on your child, make sure you remove their aids so that the lotion does not clog up the microphone. Sand is known to go everywhere. Make sure your aid is secure as hearing aid in the sand equals disaster!

Water resistant does not mean waterproof, so always make sure your child takes their swimming aids out when in the water. Make sure they are always supervised so they don’t miss any cues from the lifeguards.

Hearing aids are like a smartphone; if you leave them out in direct sunlight, it may cause technical failure. Just like a smartphone, if you find your child’s hearing aids have been submerged in water, place them in rice for 24 to 48 hours. Always use a de-humidifier to ensure there is no moisture.

Sweat baby sweat

Summer means extra perspiring, so we advise that it might be good to remove your child’s aids before exercise. If they need their aids for a sport they play, you could try them wearing a sweatband over their aids.

Remember to have fun this summer!