Top 10 podcasts for kids

Our top 10 selection of podcasts that kids can enjoy.

Looking for a way to get your child off that pesky screen? Something educational they’ll engage in? Podcasts are your answer. Simple, easy and mostly free, all you need is a set of headphones or speakers to access a whole new world of kids’ entertainment. We’ve selected our top 10 across all age groups to get you started.

Story Time
This fortnightly podcast delivers free bedtime stories suitable for toddlers, pre-schoolers and young children. Perfect for those nights where you don’t have the energy to read your own, either pop it on and leave your child to it or snuggle in with them and listen to the soothing tones of the British narrator, but beware - you may well fall asleep yourself.

Sesame Street
Who doesn’t love a bit of classic, colourful Sesame Street? No longer restricted to TV, you can enjoy the same lovable characters in the weekly podcast. Sing songs, listen to stories and learn the letters of the alphabet. Your kid can join in too. All the fun of the show in bite size educational episodes.

But why? A podcast for curious kids
Asking questions seems to be a favourite pastime of kids, and we’d love to think we have all the answers. But when it comes to whether fish have ears, or whether people who are blind can see in their dreams, sometimes we’re left perplexed.  Fear not! Next time your child asks you something that makes your brain hurt, get them to send it to the team at But why? to be answered in the podcast.  Genius!

What if world
What if? Another favourite line from kids. Sure, we’ve all pondered what would happen if houses could fly, jellybeans worked at the grocery store or George Washington had Fred the Zombie Dog as a pet, right? What if world spins the real random scenarios kids come up with into hilarious and absurd stories that will have the whole family laughing, with some important life lessons weaved in along the way. 

Brains on!
An award-winning science podcast Brains on! is another series loved by curious kids. Molly Bloom is joined by a different child co-host every week to provide answers to some of the most important questions of science and history, like why do only some farts make sounds, and where do boogers come from? It’s not all gross though, there’s also plenty of topics that can be enjoyed by the more sensitive of stomachs.

The unexplainable disappearance of Mars Patel
Does your kid love a bit of mystery? This scripted fictional podcast has been described as Goonies meets Spy Kids meets Stranger Things. That’s right, this is one the parents can get excited by too. And there are 2 series so it’s perfect for binge listening. Best suited for age 8+.

Book club for kids
Tweeny book worms will love Book club for kids. Young readers get together to talk about their favourite books with a celebrity joining them to read a passage. Then the author answers their questions. The website has a list of upcoming episodes so kids can read the books in advance and send in their questions to be answered.

Wow in the world
Wow in the world takes your child on a journey into the world around them, and you’ll want to go too. The hosts delve into the latest stories in science and technology, exploring topics like synaesthesia (where the brain scrambles senses), black holes, robotics and nature’s all natural superpowers -  the who, what, when, where, why, how and wow!

All songs considered
One for the older teens (and beware some episodes may contain adult themes and explicit language), All songs considered is the perfect way for music lovers to discover new tunes. From rap to guitar rock to classical piano, artists come from across the globe and the podcast has a particular focus on new talent.

Off track
While not recorded specifically with kids in mind, we’ve included this one as it’s the perfect way to drown out calls of ‘are we there yet?’ on those nightmare fun road trips we all enjoy. Featuring the sounds of aussie nature with fascinating stories of wildlife and environmental science, this is one for the whole family.
Do your kids have a favourite podcast that’s not on our list? Let us know