Banning ‘no!’ and following your passions

Having a hearing loss shouldn't get in the way of following your passions and trying new things. These tips will help you to build the confidence to do the things you love and live life to the full.

The irony of hearing loss is getting used to hearing one particular word. No.

No, you can’t do this.

No, you can’t be that.

No, that would be too dangerous or too difficult.

No matter what’s been said to you in the past, forget it. Spend time in the hearing loss community you’ll discover members across every hobby, occupation and lifestyle. Music, dancing, horse riding, nursing and sports - you name it there’s a person proving naysayers wrong. No dream is too big that hearing loss should stop you. So, if you’ve always wanted to pursue the ‘impossible’, here’s how to start saying yes.

Passion outweighs everything

How you feel is what’s most important. When it comes to starting something new, a positive attitude and outlook can do wonders. Google is your greatest friend. The best way to get motivated is to see just how many others are out there doing the thing you want to do. Across the world there are teens playing in the school band, winning dance competitions and even competing in BMX competitions. There are hundreds of people getting out there and defying the odds.

Focus on ability

It can be hard to think of what you’re capable of when society tends to only focus on your limitations. While no one can choose what is and isn’t easy for them, you do have a choice about how to use the abilities you do have. Find a teacher or mentor who knows how to harness your talents and find the easiest way for you to learn. For example, dancers with hearing loss often learn through feeling the music’s vibrations in the ground. There’s more than one way to learn something, your methods may seem unconventional to others but the result will the same. If you’re having fun and doing something you love there’s no limitation too great.

Blaze the trail

If your passions are a touch adventurous and there doesn’t seem to be a community or mentor you can look to, that doesn’t mean you should give up.

Breaking down barriers and exceeding expectations are what humans do best. If there’s no one doing it, you get to be the first! It may seem scary but stepping out of your comfort zone and pursuing your passions is a feeling like no other.

Just because hearing isn’t your strong suit doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be heard. We can’t control what cards we’re dealt in life but we can choose how we play those cards. It’s time to start saying yes because life is too short for no.

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