Managing hearing loss when you move out of home

Moving out of home for the first time is a huge step. Whether you’re moving in with friends, flatmates or doing it solo, it’s an exciting chance to live more independently and start the next chapter of your life. But its also likely to present some new challenges that require technology and extra support.

Your own skills, hearing aids and accessories are generally all you need to manage most activities. But moving away from your traditional support networks means you may need to be mindful of a few challenges you hadn’t before.

There’ll be times when you need to hear a warning sound, like a smoke alarm, at home. This can be risky when you’re not wearing a hearing aid. Other scenarios are more inconvenient than dangerous, like sleeping in because you can’t hear your alarm clock, but this can still create drama you don’t need.

Here are some devices that can help:

Specialised smoke alarms

Along with the standard alarm sound, this device has a vibrating pad that’s placed under your pillow, and a flashing light for your bedside table. If you take your hearing aids out at night to sleep, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll still be alerted in an emergency.  

Portable doorbells

Make sure you don’t miss any visits from guests or neighbours with a wireless door chime. These come with a receiver, which makes noises and flashes when someone rings the doorbell. Some models also send phone alerts so you’ll receive a notification when someone rings the bell.

Vibrating alarm clocks

Living independently means you only have yourself to rely on when it comes to waking up in time for work, lectures or other early-morning tasks. You’ll have no excuses to be late with an alarm clock that includes a vibrating shaker to rest under your pillow and flashing strobe lights.

Bluetooth-enabled headsets

If you’re living with flatmates or sharing an area with other people, you want to be feel relaxed and comfortable while still respecting their space. You may need to have the volume up loudly to hear the TV properly, but this can be distracting for other people around you. A wireless headset lets you watch TV or listen to the radio, music or a podcast from your phone or computer, without disturbing anyone else.

When you move out of home it’s important that you feel safe in your own space and aren’t always reliant on others in the case of an emergency. And living with others can be a challenge at the best of times, so using devices to enjoy the activities you love without disturbing the peace will be a big help.

For more information about any of these devices, contact us to chat with an expert audiologist about the best options for you.