Hearing Centre

To work in one of our Hearing Centres, you must be committed to understanding each of our client’s needs and then offering the best service and products to them. After all, you are helping people reconnect with their world.

Customer Service Officer

Our Customer Service Officers are the face of our Hearing Centres. They perform a variety of work, ranging from scheduling appointments and maintaining files to basic hearing aid repairs and conducting hearing screenings.

Community Hearing Advisor

Community Hearing Advisors are responsible for the delivery of their Centre marketing plan. Their primary focus is on attracting new customers and increasing referrals by developing strong relationships with key stakeholders such as GPs.

Community Hearing Advisors identify, organise and evaluate promotional opportunities. This includes meeting with GPs, presenting at meetings and conducting hearing checks as part of community engagement events.

Centre Manager

Centre Managers have a varied and exciting role and are responsible for the day-to-day running of an Hearing Australia Centre. This includes leading their teams, building the capability of their team members and developing community relationships.

We attract our Centre Managers from a number of different sources including our clinicians, our non-clinical staff and external candidates.

General Manager

A business, marketing and customer service skilled role where the General Manager is responsible for the success of their region (approximately 8 to 15 centres). Similar to a Centre Manager role but on a far broader scale, each of our General Managers is responsible for a substantial component of Hearing Australia’s business.