Encouraging patients to get hearing aids

Hearing loss can make people feel isolated and frustrated, but a stigma surrounding hearing aids can prevent people from seeking the help they need.

We know that hearing aids reduce depression, improve overall health and wellbeing, and help people regain a sense of independence and control. Here are some ways to help your patients understand the benefits of wearing a hearing aid.

Explain that their ideas about hearing aids are outdated

Hearings aids are not the same as they used to be. Most people’s perception of hearing aids is that they’re large and cumbersome to wear, but technological advances have made them more discreet than ever.

Hearing devices are more effective, simple to use and smaller and less noticeable than they were a few years ago. The positives of using hearing devices far outweigh any reason to not get treated. This article will help your patients understand the overwhelming and life-changing benefits of hearing aids.

Show them the different options available

Hearing aids now come in a wide range of sizes, types, colours and purposes. A common way to talk about them with patients is to think of them like cars. There are many different models, and there’s generally a base model which will reliably do the job. Then there are the more advanced models you can upgrade to with additional features to suit your needs. Hearing aids can be matched to the colour of a patient’s hair if they’re concerned about it being too noticeable, or include features like connecting with a smartphone or headphones if they want ultimate convenience.

Hearing aids in noisy places

Many patients who have hearing loss complain about not being able to hear properly in noisy settings. Public places with a lot of background noise make it difficult to hear and hold a conversation, even when wearing hearing aids. This can make people not want to bother with them altogether.

This is where additional devices come into play.

Recommending a wireless communication device helps patients get over this hurdle and feel more confident using their hearing aids. This works by having a microphone or transmitter that transfers sounds near it directly into a receiver on a hearing aid. It will improve the overall quality of sound and can help them in a range of situations, including meetings, restaurants or parties.

Free hearing checks are available for adults at any of Australian Hearing’s locations across the country. Find a centre near your practice.