Tips to help patients talk to family & friends

Patients with hearing loss may come to you on how best to talk about their condition with loved ones. In most cases family and friends are the first to notice a change.

In instances where a patient has a hard time bringing up their hearing loss and it’s impacting the way they communicate, it’s important to know how to help them understand you.

Why it’s important

Hearing loss can sometimes be hard to notice at first as changes in hearing tend to be gradual. When hearing loss is detected talking about it can be a difficult process. Frustration over not understanding sounds and speech can make a person feel helpless and unable to talk about it. It’s then vital for loved ones to understand hearing loss and how best to accommodate a person living with it.   

Tips for friends and family

For family and friends of patients it’s important to communicate to them the best ways they can interact with a person with hearing loss. Things to advise loved ones can be:

  • Having them face them directly and be at the same eye level whenever possible
  • Stand in areas where light isn’t shining directly into their eyes
  • Keep hands away from face when speaking
  • If they’re not being understood, find a different way of saying the same thing
  • Reduce background noise when possible- turn off loud music, the tv, move to a quiet area, etc
  • Be patient as it can take some time for people to get comfortable with wearing a hearing aid

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