Hearing Help

In 2016, we took our audiology services online and introduced Hearing Help. Now, our hearing specialists are just a call or click away. Hearing Help is an online audiology support service backed by Australian Hearing and National Acoustic Laboratories.

You can use our Hearing Help service to:

  • Call or live chat with an accredited hearing specialist

  • Use our self-help tools to identify hearing loss

  • Order a free sample hearing aid

  • Get hearing advice and tips

If you have concerns about hearing but don’t necessarily fall into the requirements to receive Government support, you can still receive advice through Hearing Help. We’re focused on making hearing help accessible for all Australians.

Expert advice

Hearing Help specialists provide information and tips based on years of research from the National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL). All specialists are accredited, Australian-based hearing experts who work at the forefront of hearing loss and its treatment. Their services are available to everyone by either phone, consultation or online chat Monday to Friday 9am to 7pm AEST.

Specialists can answer questions about hearing loss, give advice on next steps, offer support on hearing devices and address any other hearing loss and hearing solution queries – at no cost.

Hearing YES Test

It takes less than five minutes and gives you access to a reliable, scientifically validated check. Take a hearing test in the comfort of your home or in the GP office. It’s an easy way to measure hearing ability.

The test is completed by hearing a sequence of numbers that decrease in sound as background noise increases. Listeners are asked to enter the number they heard onto a number pad on the Hearing Help website. At the end of the test it will display hearing ability compared with the expected average and give advice for next steps. The results should only serve as a guide and not a substitute for a proper hearing assessment from a professional. After taking the test, you can review your options and see if you require further support. This can be from a GP to check for built up wax or an audiologist who can assess your need for a hearing aid.

You can access the free Hearing YES Test here.

How we work with health professionals

Hearing Help works across over 600 permanent and pop-up hearing centres across Australia. We aim to help people better understand their hearing health and offer appropriate solutions. We can work with General Practitioners to better understand their patients’ concerns about hearing, whether it’s their first time experiencing hearing loss or if they have had hearing problems their whole life.

Already part of the family? Don’t forget, if you’re already an Australian Hearing client, you’re always welcome to call your local audiologist or local hearing centre directly.