Our HAPEE Spokespersons

In 2021, we welcome Luke Carroll (Actor and Playschool Presenter) and Emma Donovan (Musician), who are both parents, as campaign spokespeople for HAPEE Ears For Early Years.


Emma Donovan

Gumbaynggirr, Dhungatti, Yamatji and Bibbulman woman, Emma Donovan wants to encourage other parents and carers to have their children’s ears checked regularly. Emma’s youngest child’s hearing loss was detected early.

“From birth, my daughter has had regular appointments with Hearing Australia,” she said.

“I had a lot of questions. I was a little bit frightened and I was unsure about things. What Hearing Australia did for me and my daughter was help us to understand more about her deafness and what kind of deafness it was.”

Luke Carroll

Wiradjuri man, acclaimed actor and father, Luke Carroll, has a similar message for parents and carers.

“I think it’s extremely important for kids to get their hearing checked. It helps with their speech and their growth as a young person.

“I know we get it done as babies and that’s done at the hospital. But it’s important for us to make sure our children’s hearing is checked regularly as they progress through life. This will help them grow as young healthy human beings.”