5 top apps for people with hearing loss

It seems that smartphones and tablets can help us with anything these days, and your hearing is certainly no exception.

If anything, the range of apps is so large it can be hard to make a decision on which to go for. To help choose the best apps for you, we’ve listed some of our favourites.

TV Louder

Tensions at TV time? Let the family set the volume wherever they want it, knowing you can still enjoy your favourite shows together. Simply download TV Louder, plug in your headphones and your phone becomes your own personal TV volume control, keeping everyone happy.

TV Louder is available on iOS for FREE.

Tap Tap

One of the annoyances, and sometimes dangers, of hearing loss is that we often can’t hear alerts such as the doorbell, or know when someone behind us is speaking. Tap Tap detects those kinds of sounds and lets you know by vibrating and flashing your phone. The sensitivity can be adjusted and the app can either run in the background or be switched on and off as you need it.

TapTap is available on iOS at $4.49


The AUD-1 app turns your smartphone into a hearing aid, when paired with a normal set of headphones.  It amplifies sounds around you, playing them through your headphones, and offers sophisticated "sound shaping", tuning the software to your specific needs. Users can switch between a range of settings, making adjustments for each ear. It’s well worth spending some time playing around with AUD-1 to reap the benefits of this more complex software.

AUD-1 is available on iOS at $10.99

ReSound Relief

Are you ears buzzing? ReSound Relief offers a combination of sound therapy and relaxation exercises to distract you from your tinnitus. You can create your own soundscapes by combining sounds, set a colour mood, adjust sound to each ear and enjoy relaxing exercises like bubble-popping.

ReSound Relief is available on iOS or Android for FREE.


Another app for tinnitus, Whist, uses sound therapy to help the user identify and create sounds that match the pitch and loudness of their tinnitus to provide the best relief. Over time, using the app will desensitise the brain to tinnitus sounds. Designed for when you’re out and about, concentrating or trying to sleep, Whist is easy to use and can run in the background where preferred.

Whist is available on iOS or Android for $2.99

Remember, new apps are coming out frequently so it’s worth doing a little research from time to time, particularly if you have something specific you’d like your device to help you with. Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy trying out some of our favourites.