Staying safe with hearing loss

Hearing loss can sometimes make us feel vulnerable when it comes to our safety, both in and out of the home. We may find our loved ones become extra protective of us, or feel worried about leaving us alone.

Happily, there are many simple steps you can take to look after your personal safety, whether you’re relaxing on the couch or getting out and about. 

Use your hearing aids

Hearing aids are great for communicating with friends and family but they also play an important role in our safety. They help us hear any sounds of alarm at home, such as an intruder, keep us aware of our surroundings when out and about, such as cars or warning calls from others, and they even improve our balance and protect from falls.

Smoke alarms

It’s easy to just rely on a hearing partner to wake us if the smoke alarm goes off in the night but we also need to think about times when they may not be there. Consider purchasing a smoke alarm specially designed for people with hearing loss, with features like extra loud sound alerts, bed shakers and strobe lighting. Click here to browse Hearing Australia’s range of smoke alarms


Phones play a big part in keeping us connected and, in an emergency, it’s important we’d feel confident in using one. If you find it difficult to use or hear your phone consider one that’s designed with hearing loss in mind, such as the range available through Hearing Australia. Then, ensure you have important numbers such as family and medical professionals either programmed in, or written down beside the phone.


You may think vision is the most important sense on the road but good hearing is essential to safe driving. It’s our hearing that keeps us alert to car horns, sirens and warning calls from other road users. We often hear cars before we see them. Luckily, our hearing aids can help us keep on top of things so make sure you’re wearing them before you hit the road.

Get regular hearing checks

Getting regular hearing checks to monitor changes in your hearing will mean any hearing aids or devices can be adjusted so you get optimal benefit. It’ll also give you a chance to chat to a audiologist about any safety issues you or your loved ones are concerned about. You're always welcome to pop in and chat with our friendly staff simply call 131 797 or contact us.