Are you and your hearing aids summer ready?

Sand, sunscreen and water do not need to get in the way of your hearing aids. With these tips, you will be able to enjoy all your summer activities.

Remove before any water activity

It can be easy to forget that your hearing aids are in your ears! Remember, water resistant does not mean waterproof. If you find your hearing aids have gone for a swim, it might be best to place them in rice for 24 to 48 hours. Make sure you remove the battery and leave the battery door open. Always swim with others in case you miss shark alerts and lifeguard sounds.

Preventative measures

When exercising, we always recommend removing your hearing aid as bacteria flourishes under sweat and humidity. If you need to wear an aid as a result of a fitness class, do not fret! Ensure you pack your dehumidifier and always clean your aid after exercise. If you are planning a day out on the water, you can always use a sweatband or water resistant sheaths.

Always use your cleaning kit as often as possible, and leave them in a protective case when you travel or when you are not using them. In some circumstances your hearing aid may be covered by insurance, that way if you lose or damage them you will be covered.

Sand and sunscreen

Sunscreen is important for the beach. However, you do not want sunscreen clogging up the microphone of your hearing aid. Remember to remove your hearing aids when applying sunscreen to your face, neck, and ears. Carry a hearing aid cleaning kit with you at all times. Do not forget to wash your hands after applying sunscreen. If you decide to clean your hearing aid at the beach, make sure you do it carefully, as you do not want sand inside your aids.