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Pair your hearing aid with our handy accessories, such as remote controls, battery chargers and transmitters for a better hearing experience.

Wireless technology, easy-to-adjust settings and pocket-sized remote controls are just some of the features of our helpful hearing aid accessories.

Remote controls


Whether you’re at a family gathering or having dinner out, you can easily adjust the settings of your hearing aid with the easyPocket so you’re kept in the loop. The large programmable buttons can also be customised to how you like to hear.

The miniPocket is the ideal solution if you want something that is discreet. It is small enough to attach to a keychain and still perform and utilise all the features.


Battery chargers


Ever run out of batteries unexpectedly? The eCharger means that won’t happen again, as it directly charges the company’s Pure and Motion hearing devices without you needing to resort to fiddly little batteries. It takes six hours to charge fully, and charging overnight will keep you topped up.

Audio streaming


The EasyTek is a bluetooth system that can wirelessly connects your hearing aids to to many different Bluetooth-enabled devices. You will be able to hear sound from TVs, mp3 playerys, phones and other audio sources. It can also act as a remote control and allows you to adjust the hearing settings for your comfort. Enjoy listening with great ease.

StreamLine TV Transmitter

Enjoy the sound from your favourite movies and TV shows straight to your hearing aid. The TV transmitter is designed to direct stream TV sound in high quality through bluetooth. Setting up the wireless connection has never been easier.


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