Enjoy a more natural hearing experience.

Signia Nx uses the latest technology to help you enjoy a more natural hearing experience. The aids sit comfortably and discreetly behind the ear and boasts state-of-the-art technology to bring the highest quality hearing performance, for even the most active wearers.

Signia Nx Key Features:

A natural experience
Signia Nx combines the natural sound of your own voice along with all surrounding sounds, giving you a more natural hearing experience.

Easy connectivity
Connecting to other media platforms has never been easier with the Signia Nx. Signia offers Bluetooth connectivity to your iPhone so you can stream phone calls, music and TV (using StreamLine TV) directly to your hearing aid.1

Your voice sounds more natural
Many hearing aid wearers don't like the sounds of their own voice, finding it too loud, muffled or unnatural. Own Voice Processing (OVP) solves this problem by providing natural sound and voice combined with exceptional hearing, giving you an overall better hearing experience. A study found 75% of dissatisfied hearing aid wearers were happier with the sound of their own voice, when fitted with Signia Nx aids.2


Control at your fingertips

myControl App
The myControl App works together with the Signia hearing aids, giving you control over your hearing aid settings. You can use the app to set up pre-programmed settings, change the volume, and manage a range of streaming devices. It is available for iPhone and Android users.

The miniPocket is the ideal solution if you want something that is discreet. It is small enough to attach to a keychain and still perform and utilise all the features for your Signia hearing aid.

What are the benefits of Signia Nx?

  • Television and music sound crisp and clear
  • Conversations are easier to hear
  • Enjoy hearing your own natural-sounding voice
  • Comfortable and compact behind-the-ear models

What are our clients saying?

"My new hearing aids are much smaller and are more comfortable. I can now hear the TV and have turned down the volume considerably. I also don't have the closed captions on anymore."

-R.F., age 91

"The first thing I noticed since wearing my new hearing aids was that I did not have to concentrate to hear as intently. I don't have to strain at work anymore to hear what people are saying. I was really impressed with the benefits and the difference the aids have made."

-Dr. L.B., age 63

I have seen the most improvement watching TV. Without the sound bar, I really struggled to hear the TV with my last pair of hearing aids. The new ones are definitely worth the investment."

-P.L., age 68

1. A StreamLine TV transmitter is required to stream audio from your television. Call us to find out more.
2. 2017 First Fit Study conducted at Hörzentrum Oldenburg. Visit www.signia-pro.com/first-fit-study for details.

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Features of this product

  • Natural sound
  • Bluetooth
  • Notch Therapy
  • Ultra HD e2e