Affordable hearing-safe headphones for kids

Encourage Healthy Hearing! We take a look at kid-friendly Puro headphones, a great choice for parents who want to look after their kids hearing health.

Most young people love listening to their music loud, that’s no surprise. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates over a billion teens and young adults worldwide are at risk of hearing loss from unsafe listening habits.1 This is caused by sounds reaching hazardous levels through their headphones or at noisy entertainment venues, potentially causing noise-induced hearing loss.

So, how can you control the volume? It’s possible. Hearing Australia recommends studio-grade sounding Puro headphones as safe for younger ears, featuring noise-limiting ear protection which caps the device volume to a safe level. Even though they’re high tech, the cool factor or sound quality hasn’t been lost. Puro headphones are stylish and are the best sounding kids’ headphones around.

Here’s the technical stuff!

  • Unique volume limiter, capping sound output to 85dB – the maximum recommended safe listening level (World Health Organisation)1

  • Puro Balanced Response – delivers clear vocal reproduction without excessive volume

  • Ambient (background) noise reduction – blocks out 82% of background noise (on-ear model).

We offer 2 of the most popular Puro headphones at Hearing Australia:

  • IEM200 Volume Limited In-Ear Headphones – these lightweight in-ear headphones are compact and cost effective, blocking out 79% of background noise

  • Puro Sounds Labs BT2200 Kids Wireless On-Ear Headphones –  these on-ear headphones offers a high level of protection with the most advanced noise limiting technology.

1. World Health Organisation, 2015, ‘Make Listening Safe’. Visit for details.

All specifications provided by Puro Sound Labs. Hearing Australia has not confirmed these specifications.