How to enjoy at-home entertainment with hearing loss

A hearing loss doesn't mean giving up on all the things you love doing. From watching your favourite shows, to listening to music, radio or a podcast, the right device will keep you in the loop

When you’re trying to relax, distracting background noise is the last thing you want. If you have a hearing loss, even the sound of wind can drown out the best bits of a song. And voices on the TV are hard to understand when other people are talking. But pump up the volume and everyone complains it’s too loud.

With the right devices, you can save your leisure time. Many even deliver audio from your stereo, smartphone and TV straight to your hearing aids. It’s a win-win because you can hear what’s going on without disturbing those around you.

Wireless TV listening system

Feed sound from the TV to your hearing aid or headphones with a wireless TV listening system. You can stop struggling to make out the voices and it won’t disturb others. Some systems work up to 30 metres away from your TV. This means you can listen as you move around the house, whether you’re cooking dinner or sorting out the washing.

Wireless headset or headphones

With a headset or headphones you can listen to music or the TV at a level that suits you. Some models take your hearing changes into account to provide sound personalised to your specific needs.

Remote controls

Many of these devices also have remote controls. As mentioned these wirelessly stream Bluetooth audio to your hearing aids so that you’re not stuck to the one room. But they also perform a range of functions without you running back to the room TV or smartphone is in. This includes answering a call, skipping a song or changing the TV volume.