How to manage hearing loss when you live alone

When you have a hearing loss, hearings aids may help you manage most activities. But if you live alone, some situations are more challenging. Luckily, there are devices to give you a helping hand.

It's important to hear warning sounds, like a smoke alarm, whether you wear hearing aids or not. Other scenarios are more inconvenient than dangerous. Sleeping-in because you can’t hear your alarm clock, to name one example.

Fortunately, there are devices designed for people withhearing losses that will help give you, and concerned family and friends, peace of mind.

Specialised smoke alarms

In addition to the standard alarm sound, these devices come with a vibrating pad you can place under your pillow. There’s also a flashing light for your bedside table. It helps you to notice the smoke alarm when you remove your hearing aids to sleep.

Portable doorbells

You don’t want to miss any visitors or worry people when you don’t answer the door. There are a range of doorbells designed for people with a hearing loss, with features such as a louder than usual ringtone and a flashing receiver that you carry with you. Some models also offer phone alerts, so you’ll receive a notification on your smartphone when someone rings the bell.

Vibrating alarm clocks 

Living independently means you can only rely on yourself when it comes to waking up in time for work, meetings or other early-morning tasks. Like the doorbells, alarm clocks are available with a range of features, this includes an extra-loud alarm, vibrating shaker that rests under your pillow and flashing strobe lights.

A hearing loss doesn’t mean you have to lose your independence. The right equipment can help you to handle day-to-day activities.