What to expect when you wear hearing aids

Thanks to technology, hearing aids have evolved into highly sophisticated devices that have the capacity to make a real impact on the overall quality of life for those who have hearing loss. However, it is important to have realistic expectations from your hearing aid.

While hearing aids won’t restore your hearing to normal, you would usually expect to experience a difference in your hearing. These differences vary between individuals and depend on a number of factors, including your level of hearing loss and the type of hearing aid you use. So, don’t expect to have the same experience with your hearing aid as your friend or neighbour does with theirs!

Here are three things to expect from wearing a hearing aid:

  • As you put your hearing aid in, you may hear a whistling sound, but this should stop once it’s inserted properly. Your hearing aid should feel comfortable in your ear. In fact, many people don’t even notice them once they’ve been wearing them for a while.
  • You may find that your voice sounds different to you at first. Usually you adjust to this over a few days but if you don’t, return to your audiologist and they may be able to make some changes to the hearing aid to alleviate this effect. It is normal for it to take time, typically six weeks, before you feel the full benefit of your hearing aid but you should notice some difference straight away.
  • You’ll may find you can hear soft sounds better, but that loud noises aren’t amplified to the point where they are any more uncomfortable to you than they could be to a person without hearing loss. Noisy environments can be particularly challenging if you have hearing loss. While no type of hearing aid is able to filter all background noise, many are extremely efficient at blocking out certain background noises. Some also have a specific type of microphone which can hone in on speech in noisy environments, perfect for parties or busy restaurants.

You should receive some benefit from wearing a hearing aid. If you don’t, get in touch with your clinician and ask them to check it. Often a few adjustments are all that’s needed to make sure your hearing aid is working for you.