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Specially designed for those with impaired vision or low dexterity, the Audio Maxi is a personal amplifier that can help you enjoy the company of your nearest and dearest. It brings out the words so you can hear them better and clearer even when there is a lot going on in the background making it easy to use around the dinner table or to listen to the radio or TV.

Maxi uses digital signal processing technology to deliver clearer speech that is free from unwanted background noise. This means you don’t have to make so much of an effort to hear what people are saying, even in noisy environments like for restaurants or cafes.

You can choose to listen with headphones, earphones, sthethoclip and even with hearing aids and cochlear implants.

When at home, just place Maxi on the table in front of the person you are speaking with to be able to hear the words clearer without others having to repeat themselves. During family/friends occasions, use the directional microphone to hear the words in situations when it’s particularly difficult to hear. Maxi is intuitively easy to set up and easily accessible with the simple press of a button without any complicated menus to learn.


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Features of this product

  • Robust and user friendly - Designed for people with impaired vision or low dexterity
  • Hearing aid compatible - Compatible for use with hearing aids or cochlear implant.
  • Easy to use - Just connect your earphones or neck loop and adjust the volume to your liking.
  • Ideal for vision difficulty/low dexterity - Large tactile buttons, soft grip materials and high contrast indicators making it easy to handle.
  • Clear and distinct sound - Efficiently amplifies speech while filtering out unwanted background noise.