Roger Pen

No matter how noisy the table is, you can sit back and enjoy time with your family and friends without straining to follow the conversation. 


Packed with the latest technology found in today’s modern hearing aids. Unlike many hearing solutions, the XTM is ready-to-wear.

Bellman Audio Maxi

Personal amplifier for people who need help with their hearing, but don't need hearing aids, or have difficulty managing traditional hearing aids.

Bellman Audio Mino

Perfect for situations where you need a little help to hear, this stylish device is available with headphones, earbuds and stethoclip.

Domino Classic

Uses digital signal processing technology to filter out background noise and enhance speech.

Domino Pro

​Helps in social situations or the workplace and when background noise and distance can prevent you from hearing clearly.

Roger Select

The power to be at the heart of the conversation.
Roger SelectTM is a digital wireless microphone specially designed to offer excellent speech understanding in noise. Understanding group conversations in background noise is easier with the Roger SelectTM.