Stay connected with your friends and family

Dinner with friends and family: Follow the conversation, however loud the situation
At events/parties: Hear multiple speakers individually
One on one conversation: Understand speech over distance
In the car: listen to conversation directly in your ears with the Roger Select

How does the Roger Select work?

When placed on a table, it discreetly and automatically selects the person who is talking and seamlessly switches from one talker to another. When multiple conversations take place, the listener can manually select whom to listen to. It can also transmit the sound of multimedia devices like televisions and Bluetooth streaming mobile phone calls.

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Features of this product

  • Be able to hear multiple speakers individually
  • Multiple microphones in six directions
  • Discrete disc shape
  • Clip on & neck straps
  • Bluetooth and multimedia connectivity
  • Understand conversations over distance
  • Transmit cell phone calls to your hearing aid