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Phoenix wireless door chime is a handy portable door chime with an extra loud chime and a flashing strobe light that you can take with you around the home. The doorbell button is attached to the door and the receiver has a carry strap for portability. Works up to a 45 metre range, you’re able to take the portable door chime with you with to any room or even outdoors. The portable receiver will sound the selected chime sound and then flash the bright strobe light 5 times. The push button and portable receiver can be set to one of 16 different channels (house codes) to avoid picking up the signals from other wireless door chimes next door or nearby.


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Features of this product

  • Handy and portable Can be taken with you anywhere within the house
  • Long range Works up to 45 metres from doorbell button
  • Various chime sounds Seven chime sounds available to choose from
  • Low battery warning Alert you when battery is low
  • Flashing strobe light Bright strobe light to easily attract attention
  • Volume settings High and low volume settings to suit hearing level