Uniden SSE 45 Cordless Phone

This cordless phone’s extra loud ringer, visual ring indicator and answering machine can help you hear your important calls.

Uniden SSE 45 + 1 Cordless Phones

All the features of the Uniden SSE45 with an additional cordless handset meaning less distance to travel to answer the phone. 

Uniden SSE 47 + 1 Combo

Comes with a wall mountable corded base and additional cordless handset. Featuring extra loud ringer and visual ring indicator. 

Uniden SSE Pendant

Have peace of mind with this clever pendant. Press the help button and the pendant connects to the SSE model phones.

Uniden SSE07 Additional Handset

Expand your phone network with up to six additional cordless handsets featuring extra loud ringer, visual ring indicator and hands-free.

Mobile phone amplifier

A great solution not only for those with hearing loss, but for users who constantly find themselves stuck in noisy environments

Oricom Care 80 Corded Telephone

The Care 80 is the perfect phone for people suffering with moderate to severe hearing loss or low vision.

Oricom PRO910-1 Amplified Phone Combo

This phone uses high quality components and innovative acoustic design to provide crystal clear amplified conversations.

Oricom PRO610-1 Amplified Digital Cordless Phone

The Pro610-1 delivers better amplification, clarity, features and ease of use for those with hearing and vision loss.

Oricom Care100 Amplified Big Button Phone

This popular big button amplified phone features a uniquely shaped handpiece and fantastic earpiece amplification making it ideal for people who are hard of hearing.