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"I will never forget that sensation in the Hearing Australia room when my hearing aids were fitted and I literally heard colour. It was so stark - sounds came into clarity - it's like my eyes were opened to sound again. I really missed out on so many sounds over the years", Bruce - existing client

Now, more than ever, good hearing is important to keep in touch with your loved ones and stay connected to the world around you.

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Save over $500* per pair on our affordable high-quality hearing aids.

Are you finding it hard to hear with background noises? Talk to us about the discreet hearing technology in our range.


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Our Online Hearing Check includes a few short questions followed by a 10 minute audio test to measure how well you hear and what you think about your hearing.

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Children and young adults

Sound is the gateway to speech. It's a powerful way for children and young adults to learn, and to make and grow friendships.

If you’re concerned about your child’s hearing, we’re here to help.

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You are not alone

Hear from the people whose lives have been transformed by sound. These stories show you the amazing things people with hearing loss have achieved through technology, support and a never give up attitude.

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