Les' Hearing Journey

For Les, a keen outdoorsman with bilateral hearing loss, it was the team at Hearing Australia who finally convinced him to take action and trust us with his hearing care; “They treated me as a person, not just a number and involved me every step of the way. It just tipped me over the edge to get something done.”

If you’re looking to start your journey towards healthier hearing, you can trust Hearing Australia. Our specialist hearing team is here for you to help with your hearing needs and give you tailored advice and solutions every step of the way.

Free* hearing assessment to eligible pensioners

Free* entry level hearing aids to eligible pensioners

Personalised hearing aid recommendation to suit your needs

​Ongoing hearing care and support from our specialist team

More than 450 audiologists across 170 centres nationally

*Only 15 minute hearing checks are free. Other services may attract fees or be subsidised under the Australian Government’s Hearing Services Program.

Conditions apply under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program ('the Program'). Subject to eligibility criteria under the Program, entry level hearing aids are fully subsidised, and level 1 to 7 hearing aids may be partially subsidised. To check if you are eligible and for more information about the Program, go to hearingservices.gov.au. 

Client statements are their own. Les received a thank you gift for his time.