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Modern hearing aids and accessories have replaced the outdate clunky hearing aids of yesterday

Living with hearing loss today is nothing like it used to be. Modern hearing aids and accessories have replaced the outdate clunky hearing aids of yesterday, offering far superior performance.

At Australian Hearing, we offer a range of solutions, not only hearing aids, to make sure people with hearing loss get the most out of special occasions.

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Everyday activities, such as being able to hear the telephone or doorbell ring, or watching TV without it blaring at family members, can be made easy with the following types of products and accessories.

Our alerting devices include alarm clocks, doorbells, phone alerting systems and smoke alarms. They’re designed to put your mind at ease for all daily tasks, so you won’t miss a trick. 
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 Alerting devices

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 Safety devices


Our range of safety devices are specifically designed with hearing loss in mind so you can rest assured that you and your loved ones are secure.
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An amplification device helps you hear what people are saying by cutting out distracting background noise. 
Click here for our full range of wearables and sound amplifiers.

 Amplification devices and wearables

Linda and Toni using the Roger Pen - Australian Hearing

  Hearing aid accessories

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Wireless technology, easy-to-adjust settings and pocket-sized remote controls are just some of the features of our helpful hearing aid accessories. 
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Staying connected with friends and family is important. Our range of cordless phones and mobile phones with easy-to-read displays will help to ensure you don’t miss any important calls.
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Patricia Glassford with phone (13)

 TV and music devices

Father and boys watching tv with headphones

Wireless headphones, neck loops and ear hooks provide additional hearing assistance, meaning you can watch TV or listen to music at a volume that suits you. 
Click here for our full range of TV and music devices.

We hold regular information sessions where you can find out how these devices can help you. For more information or to find out how you can trial our products call your local Australian Hearing centre or contact us on 131 797.

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