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Australian Hearing’s outreach program

For the last thirty years Australian Hearing’s outreach program has been working to provide hearing services targeting the specific needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through strong community connections and education.  In more than 220 communities in urban,

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How to refer your patients to Australian Hearing

GPs can refer to Australian Hearing in 3 different ways: 1) e-Referrals   Now available on Medical Director  version 3.16 and over, Genie 8.8.3 and Best Practice version and over. Australian Hearing and HealthLink have joined forces to provide the

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Contraindications to the fitting of a hearing aid

Sometimes there are medical contraindications to the fitting of a hearing aid. These can depend on whether the hearing aid uses air or bone conduction to deliver the sound. The following conditions could indicate a potential contraindication: Visible evidence of

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Why refer your patients to Australian Hearing?

 We are here to help you help your patients. There are many benefits for General Practitioners, Practice Managers and patients alike, by referring to Australian Hearing, the nation’s leading hearing health expert. Important for your patient’s quality of life 60%

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