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We don’t just offer hearing aids and maintenance services. We have a wide range of products and accessories that can help make your life easier.

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Exclusive primax™ trial

In line with other modern technology, hearing aid breakthroughs are happening more often, thanks to advances in research and design that are inspired by people who want the most out of life. We believe hearing should feel natural and be as

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Puro Bluetooth headphones

Safely turn up the volume, with headphones that can connect directly to a TV or music device Today’s trend towards headphones means our children are often exposed to dangerous noise levels which can damage their hearing. Even for the safety

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Am I eligible for implantable hearing devices?

Below is a summary of Australian Hearing’s protocols regarding the provision of implantable devices (other than cochlear implants) to eligible clients. To be considered for a fully-subsidised implantable device (other than cochlear implant) supplied by Australian Hearing, the client will:

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