Cochlear implants

A cochlear implant is a reliable and effective treatment for severe-to-profound hearing loss in children and adults. This electronic, surgically implanted device allows users to experience sounds as they occur by sending electrical signals to the nerve endings in the inner ear (the cochlea).

Spiral Stair

While they differ from a hearing aid, which amplifies sound at the outer ear, cochlear implants do still have an external component. This consists of a sound processor and coil and is worn behind the ear. The internal part, the implant, is located just under the skin behind the ear.

Cochlear implants are designed for people with sensorineural hearing loss, which occurs when the parts of the inner ear don’t work properly. With sensorineural hearing loss, it can be difficult to separate the sounds that are heard, as well as actually hearing them—which, in turn, can make understanding speech difficult. Hearing aids can sometimes help, but not always.

Australian Hearing does not perform cochlear implant evaluation and surgery. However, we have a close relationship with cochlear implant clinics around Australia, and through our Cochlear Implant support program we provide eligible people:

  • pre-implant communication training and audiological assessment
  • after-implant communication training and audiological assessment
  • maintenance and repair services for eligible clients with implants
  • speech processors and upgrades to ensure that all eligible children have access to the latest advances in cochlear implant technology.

We also have a dedicated Cochlear Support line, who you can contact if you need speech processor replacement parts.  You can reach our trained staff on

1800 131 339or

For more information on Cochlear implants, visit or

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