Hearing help at your fingertips

Since 1947, we’ve helped thousands of Australians care for their hearing. But we know the way healthcare services are delivered is changing.

In 2016, we took our audiology services online and introduced Hearing Help. Now, our hearing specialists are just a call or click away.

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Get help for your hearing, without leaving your home

Hearing Help is an online audiology support service backed by Australian Hearing and National Acoustic Laboratories.  You can use the service to:

  • Call or live chat with an accredited hearing specialist
  • Use our self-help tools to identify hearing loss
  • Order a free sample hearing aid
  • Get hearing advice and tips… and much more!

Make hearing easy

It’s not always easy to spot changes in your hearing, but we make it easy to get help.  Our hearing specialists are now just a call or click away.

Call Hearing Help on 1800 740 301 or visit www.hearinghelp.com.au

Already part of the family?

Don’t forget, if you’re already an Australian Hearing client, you’re always welcome to call your local audiologist or local hearing centre directly

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