How loud is the volume?

From pre-schoolers in the playground to teens wearing headphones, there’s no hiding from the fact that our children live in a noisy world. And for kids with normal hearing sometimes it’s the noisiest things that are the most fun.

Whether or not your child has an existing hearing loss, you may be concerned about the damage high sound levels could be doing to their ears, or the hearing they have, and rightly so. Noise damage is by far the biggest culprit when it comes to hearing loss in Australia.

The good news is, there’s no need for your child to miss out unnecessarily. It’s easy to keep their delicate ears safe and protect their hearing.

Monitor environmental noise

Worried that the excited screams at the kid’s party are reaching dangerous levels? There’s a simple way to find out. Just use an  app on your phone or tablet. Our favourites include:

  • dB Decibel Meter – available on iTunes for $2.99, this app is simple to use with accurate measurements described in dB with explanations like, ‘just annoying but probably safe’ or as the dB measurement gets higher it will tell you how likely hearing damage is.
  • Sound Meter – available on Android for free, Sound Meter measures the noise level in your environment in decibels, listing it alongside descriptions such as ‘normal conversation’, or ‘busy traffic’.

Invest in volume-limiting headphones

Children and teens are using headphones more and more often these days, whether it’s to play their favourite computer games without disturbing the rest of the family, or listening to music on the go. It’s tempting for them to crank up the volume to dangerous levels without even realising it. But, there’s no need for them to give up their headphones completely.

The Puro is a studio-grade headphone specifically designed to protect hearing. It monitors the volume and limits it to ensure your child is listening at a safe level, so you can rest easy. It also looks super stylish and comes in a range of colours from classic black, tan or white to funky red, purple and blue.

Can you recommend another app to monitor noise levels? Click here to share.

To talk to someone about protecting your child’s hearing, or for more information on the Puro headphones call Australian Hearing on 131 797 or complete the form below.

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