How's your hearing?


We've been caring for Australians for over 70 years and, we are here to ensure that you and your loved ones can stay connected. You can't put a price on healthy hearing and if you're a pensioner you don't have to. Make hearing your priority today with:

Tick-Blue-RGB.pngFree* comprehensive hearing test for eligible pensioners
Tick-Blue-RGB.pngFree* fully subsidised starter hearing aids to eligible pensioners
Tick-Blue-RGB.pngPersonalised hearing aid recommendation
Tick-Blue-RGB.pngHearing aid fitting tailored to your hearing needs 
Tick-Blue-RGB.pngCare for life through our optional maintenance program 

Make your hearing a priority and take the first steps in booking by calling us on 134 432, or book an appointment online today

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If you regularly ask people to repeat themselves, find yourself forever turning up the TV, or sometimes miss the doorbell, get your hearing checked. With appointment options to suit everyone there’s never been a better time to make your hearing a priority. 

We are here to ensure that you and your loved ones can stay connected. There’s never an easier way to get help with your hearing; we’re available in 171 centres, at home, online and tele-care. Now, more than ever, good hearing is important to keep in touch with your loved ones and stay connected to the world around you.


Bruce urges anyone who is experiencing hearing difficulties to go
and get a check – “it’s as simple as that” – he says

I spent so many years missing out on details of many conversations; not hearing my wife properly; not hearing the television or radio well and just trying to lip read, he recalls.
“I will never forget that sensation in the Hearing Australia room when my hearing aids were fitted and I literally heard colour. It was so stark – sounds came into clarity, it’s like my eyes were opened to sound again. I really missed out on so many sounds over the years.



Recapture the wonder of sound


Take the first steps in booking an appointment to rediscover the sounds you love.


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*Conditions apply under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program (‘the Program’). Subject to eligibility criteria under the Program, entry level hearing aids are fully subsidised, and level 1 to 7 hearing aids may be partially subsidised. Care includes earmould renewal and repair, as provided under the optional maintenance program. To check if you are eligible and for more information about the Program go to


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