Life with a cochlear implant

At first glance, Ed Rex’s website looks like that of any one of the thousands of travel bloggers from around the globe. The site is young and hip and smattered with pictures of the boyishly handsome UK lad lounging in the South East Asian sun, tandem sky diving or standing on top of a European mountain peak. Stories are aimed at your typical 20-something travellers, with tales relating to how to book a budget ski break or exciting European dives.

ed rex on a mountainside

But investigate a little further and you will find that Ed is no ordinary travel blogger.

The young corporate executive turned travel blogger is profoundly deaf. was born from his desire to travel and not let his hearing loss get in the way.

While the blogs are moving and heartwarming, they are also thoroughly entertaining and reveal Ed’s zest and passion for life. They also highlight how Ed refuses to let his hearing loss get in the way of his travels. From in-depth details of his cochlear implant journey to stories of ear trouble in the air, the blogs also offer very practical tips for sufferers of hearing loss who are yearning to buy avalide online

What started out as a personal project to share his adventures with friends and family is now one of the most clicked travel blogs on the planet. Ed is consistently ranked among the world’s leading travel writers on such highly regarded lists as the Top 50 Travel Tweeters and 10 Travel Blogs you MUST Read in 2013.

And he’s kicking all the deaf stereotypes to the curb along the way, inspiring others with hearing loss to explore the world.

You can follow Ed Rex’s globetrotting adventures at

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