How modern aids make hearing loss stigma disappear

Many people say they would rather live with reduced hearing than suffer the stigma they believe is associated with a hearing aid.


According to a recent Australian Hearing survey of 1361 Australians aged over 50 years old,* more than half (55 per cent) of those who participated said they were willing to put up with poor hearing, even if it meant missing out on social situations or misunderstanding doctor’s instructions. Most said this was because they were embarrassed about wearing a hearing aid in public or fearful of looking old.

Ironically, wearing a hearing aid probably draws less attention to your hearing difficulties than constantly asking people to repeat themselves or shouting unintentionally.

It’s a fear that’s completely unfounded because modern behind-the-ear hearing aids are becoming so small and unobtrusive that they’re unlikely to be noticed. Some are also available in a range of natural hair colours and skin tones.

A hearing aid is one of the most important investments in your wellbeing you’re likely to make. The right device will significantly enhance your quality of life, bringing you renewed independence, confidence and security.

Hearing aids, such as in-the-ear devices, might not be visible to others at all, so you’ll be the only one who knows you’re wearing a hearing aid.
And because everyone is different, it’s often the case that people with hearing difficulties might not need a hearing aid. Sometimes, all that’s needed are devices, such as wireless TV headsets that mean you don’t need to increase the TV volume to levels that are uncomfortable for your loved ones. Amplified telephones are also available to help you hear better while talking on the phone.

With the wide range of hearing aids available today, whether you’re looking for the ultimate hearing experience or would prefer something more budget friendly, there’s a device to suit.

Australian Hearing recommends that people include hearing as part of their regular health check-up. It can be as simple as a free 15-minute hearing check; the sooner you take action, the better your quality of life and health will be.

Australian Hearing offers free hearing checks for adults at its hearing centres located across the country. For more information call your local hearing centre on 131 797.

* Lonergan Research: Australian Hearing Report, July 2013

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