What are the National Acoustic Laboratories?

Established in 1947, world-renowned research organisation the National Acoustic Laboratories (NAL), is the research division of Australian Hearing.

“It’s probably the leading rehab research organisation in the world, at least in the applied area,” says Harvey Dillon, director of NAL.

We really tackle practical problems, and that’s our brief basically.

Harvey Dillon, director of NAL

NAL is government funded, but they also supplement this in various ways, including research grants for which it is eligible.

“We also do some research for industry. We also do some inventions, which we license, and then we use those licence fees to support further research.”

What they do

A team of about 40 people investigate all things hearing-related, aided by numerous volunteers from the public. NAL’s purpose is one of invention, not only to create methods of rehabilitation, but also prevention of hearing loss.

“We produce research publications, information on our website, talks and conferences, which are really aimed at helping the whole industry and the whole of society.”

Research findings

NAL’s research findings are presented at Australian and international conferences, and published in international journals and on the NAL website (www.nal.gov.au). Click here to find out about their latest projects and how to volunteer.

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