Does this new hearing aid redefine ease of listening?


We believe that hearing should be as natural and easy as possible for people with hearing loss. primax™ offers a great balance of sound quality and audibility that is perfect for the young at heart who still lead an active lifestyle, but may be hard of hearing.

Developed by Sivantos (formally Siemens), primax™ supersedes the existing binax™ platform, which is already clinically proven to allow wearers to understand speech better in noisy environments for the hearing impaired[i]. As such, primax™ is redefining the ease of listening across a wide variety of speech environments. 

primax™ comes with a built in, high-definition music programme allowing the user to enjoy fantastic sound quality in any situation.


primax™ comes with a built in, high-definition music programme allowing the user to enjoy fantastic sound quality in any situation and an advanced SpeechMaster Function that isolates the primary voice in a conversation and reduces background noise for better hearing[ii].

Some of the key features of primax™ include: 

  • SpeechMaster function – An automatic function that targets and elevates the dominant speaker’s voice over all other sounds in any environment. This includes reducing background voices and sounds, making it easy for the person to understand what matters. Overall, it delivers outstanding sound quality, thus making hearing effortless and redefining the ease of listening in all situations, all day long. 
  • HD music programme – Three settings allow the user to enjoy the fantastic sound quality, in any situation, activated by a push button: 
    • A ‘Live music’ setting – ideal for listening to live music performances. The programme has an extended dynamic range that is specially designed to handle the wider range of volume at a concert.
    • A ‘Recorded music’ setting – a solution for those who want to enjoy music in their own home. Listeners can enjoy every note due to the frequency response and amplification that is specifically tailored to deliver outstanding quality from recorded music.
    • A ‘Musician’ setting – for those who sing or play an instrument themselves. People can appreciate every aspect of their performance and those around them in full dynamic range. 
  • Tinnitus – System has static pre-sets and ocean wave tinnitus therapy signals to provide relief to tinnitus sufferers.
  • EchoShield – The EchoShield program all but eliminates sound reflections, such as reverberation in hallways or lecture halls, delivering a cleaner, clearer sound. 
  • Discreet system – primax™ is one of the smallest hearing aids, around 2cm in length, and sits nearly unnoticed behind the ear. With the touchControl App™ you can change the programs, adjust the volume, bass and treble conveniently and discreetly on a mobile device. 

primax™ hearing aids also include the existing features of binax hearing aids and can be controlled by individuals on mobile phones and using an app. Here, users can direct the microphones in their hearing aids to the sounds they want to focus on.  The Touch Control App is a simple interface that operates directly from your mobile phone and is free to download on the Google Play or Apple App stores.

The video below demonstrates how primax™ SpeechMaster elevates the target speaker while supressing all other disturbing sounds.

Take a look at some more of our soundDemo videos to hear for yourself how hearing aids can improve quality of life.

If you would like to speak to a hearing specialist or book a free trial of the latest primax™ technology, please call 131 797 or complete the form below

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[i] Two independent clinical studies have shown that narrow directionality provides better than normal hearing capabilities in certain demanding listening environments.
[ii] Individual results may vary.
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