primax™ soundDemo videos


Our soundDemo videos use sound recordings taken directly from hearing aids to demonstrate the “before and after” effect of various primax™ features.

SpeechMaster function – An automatic function that targets and elevates the dominant speaker’s voice over all other sounds in any environment. This includes reducing background voices and sounds, making it easy for the person to understand what matters.

HD music programme – Three settings allow the user to enjoy the fantastic sound quality, in any situation, activated by a push button: 

  • A ‘Live music’ setting – ideal for listening to live music performances. The programme has an extended dynamic range that is specially designed to handle the wider range of volume at a concert.
  • A ‘Recorded music’ setting – a solution for those who want to enjoy music in their own home. Listeners can enjoy every note due to the frequency response and amplification that is specifically tailored to deliver outstanding quality from recorded music.
  • A ‘Musician’ setting – for those who sing or play an instrument themselves. People can appreciate every aspect of their performance and those around them in full dynamic range

EchoShield – The EchoShield program all but eliminates sound reflections, such as reverberation in hallways or lecture halls, delivering a cleaner, clearer sound.

TwinPhone – The TwinPhone function works with all phones and transmits the signal from one ear to the other for better understanding, without the need for any additional accessory.

CROS/BiCROS –  The wireless CROS solution is designed for people who have normal hearing in one ear and un-aidable hearing loss in the other.

For more information or for a free trial of the latest primax™ hearing technology please contact your local Australian Hearing Centre, call 131 797 or alternatively you can complete the enquiry form below.

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